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Home Inspection Testimonials

Dear Bruce:
Thank you so much for your well written and very specific report.
It gives me a great peace of  mind to know exactly what we are purchasing.
I really enjoyed meeting you and appreciate the time and care you took to
explain your findings to me. I learned a lot!
Buying a home is always overwhelming.....no matter how many times you
do it......removing the mystery and alleviating my fears is well worth the
cost of your qualified opinion. 
Thank you for working on your birthday,
Kelly Bowen


Thank you very much for the inspection.  It was very nice meeting you and
I will refer you to anyone who will be needing an inspection.  You did an
excellent job with the inspection and the report.        
Have a great day!

Kathy Whitehouse
Hi Bruce,
Thanks for cranking the report out, as promised.  Very complete and
professional report and I appreciate the time you took to methodically observe,
note and discuss.

Great job.


Bruce was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We were thrilled
and surprised at how much we learned. Bruce willingly answered all our
questions and put us at ease. He was truly dedicated to providing great
service! We would highly recommend Bruce and his company Home Wise to anyone!


Graham and Mila Lonetto



Bruce: I received your report and appreciate very much the timely delivery,
but more importantly your timely response to our request and the thoroughness
with which you conducted the inspection.


Again, thanks-its nice to witness a pro

  Regards, Dick


As a first time homebuyer, I did'nt know what to expect from a home inspection.
Bruce took the time to thoroughly explain the process, giving me a comfort level
 in his knowledge and abilities. Home Wise takes a holistic approach to home
 inspection and generates an enthusiasm for learning about your new home. The
 final report was extremely well organized in a consistent and comprehensive
 format. I highly recommend Home Wise for an exceptional home inspection

 Melissa Westerfield

  Burlington , VT


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